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Newsflow collects the latest and most important news organised in 10+ categories.

Our hard-working bots are continuously scanning and analysing news stories from more than 100 publishers per edition to bring you the stories trending around you.

Newsflow is focusing on stories that are important in your region, but we don’t tailor the news on you, we won’t keep you in a news bubble, so that we get the most clicks out of you. Instead we want to show you all that matters and let you tailor the app yourself.

Customize your news reading experience!


  • TOP channel

    We collect news from all categories on this tab, but if you wish to skip some categories go to ‘Customize TOP channel’ in the settings.

  • Category channels

    You can choose from 10+ categories to follow on a separate channel, such as Politics, Sport, Entertainment, Lifestyle, etc. To create a new channel for a category please find ‘Add channels’ in the settings. You can also set the order of the channels.

  • International category channel

    Would you like to follow the latest international English-language news, regardless of your region? Add the ‘TOP (EN)’ channel from the categories.

  • Source (publisher) channels

    In case you prefer to follow a publisher on a separate tab you can add it as a channel under ‘Add channels’ in the settings.

  • Mute channels

    There are sources you don’t like? No problem, you can easily mute any source. To do so tap on an article from the given source you want to mute. On the article page tap on the menu and tap "Mute source".

  • News report

    Would you like to read some news stories with your morning coffee? Set the time when you want to receive your daily news notification.


This is my favourite news aggregator by a large margin: it saves me hours by day. Keep up the good work!

This is the app, being present on my mobile for the longest time, big thanks to the developers! :)

Very quick, customizable and transparent. Thanks for this!